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Zipinmail's Vision is to save the trees and preserve our nature for future generations. Zipinmail mission is to get rid of paper mail and implement a virtual global post office.
Zipinmail is trying to solve the following problems: Paper mail is a painful process for consumers – they have to pick up mail, open & decide what to keep or trash, organize the mail and it creates clutter at home. Businesses spend over $300 billion every year for paper mail, but they don’t know who opened, read or took action based on paper mail. We kill 68 million trees in USA and 330 million trees globally every year for paper mail, and all of it is thrown in trash.
Zipinmail has come up with an evolutionary vision & technology to get rid of paper mail. Zipinmail has created a mailbox in the cloud for all residential & commercial addresses and created a platform to exchange information virtually between mailboxes in the cloud using a mailing address without email or sharing links. Zipinmail looks like an Email but uses a mailing address to send & receive mail. From ‘Compose Zipinmail’, type the first & last name, street # and name, city, state & zip and it will be delivered to the recipient’s mailbox in the cloud. Users can access all their mailboxes (home, office etc.) in their cell phone. Mass Zipinmail enables businesses to target their audience using all demographic data currently available for a mailing address. Mass Zipinmail will save over 90% of the cost of paper mail and provide real time measurement metrics.

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