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Antioch University Los Angeles offers distinctive undergraduate and graduate degree programs, all of which reflect the University’s commitment to social justice, community-building, and global citizenship. Our learner-centered model allows our adult students to create a unique academic experience based on their own professional interests and goals. Throughout their journey at AULA, students are guided and mentored by exceptional instructors, leaders in their field who are committed to student success.

The individuals who make up the Antioch University Los Angeles community are an extraordinary group of students, faculty, staff, and board members whose character, vision, and commitment make the school what it is. AULA community members represent every conceivable age, race, religion, sexual orientation and identity, and ethnicity. Their diverse backgrounds and life experiences are what give our campus its rich, inimitable culture. They are poets and entrepreneurs, firefighters and Fulbright scholars, community activists and New York Times bestselling authors.

We offer an undergraduate studies completion program; graduate programs in psychology, urban sustainability, nonprofit management, creative writing and education; and three teacher credentialing programs. We also serve our community with free mental health and education services: the Bridge program, Colors LGBTQ Youth Counseling, and our AU Counseling Center.