Aayeesha Essue

Aayeesha Essue


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Detail-oriented and meticulous, Aayeesha is exceptional at coordinating the intricacies of the real estate process. She loves to meet new people and has the ability to connect with anyone through careful listening and asking the right questions. She works to mitigate stress throughout the home buying and selling process, alleviating frustration and confusion to make the transaction feel easy.

Born and raised in the dual isles of Trinidad and Tobago. During her time at the University of Trinidad and Tobago, she was introduced to the history of architecture and found a passion that has grown over the years. She received her Bachelor of Arts in fashion design and spent seven years in production and development in the fashion industry, honing problem-solving skills that have translated seamlessly into her real estate career.

When she’s not assisting her clients, Aayeesha is actively involved in various community initiatives. She leads a local networking group in Westside LA named "Westside LA Locals: New Friends, New in Town, and Fun Events." Her commitment extends to charitable activities, with active participation in Give Back Homes build day events. Aayeesha is a member of LACF, where the focus is on fostering a "one world, one people" awareness by promoting diversity and unity across global communities through different cultures. Additionally, she is part of Citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, a non-profit charitable corporation dedicated to aiding the


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